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From: "Badur Ramji"
Subject: AfterMichaelMandiberg
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 11:05:52 -0500
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May 24 2001, Toronto, Canada - Human beings have been interpreting their environments since before the caves at Alta Mira. Itís human nature to react to anything new by some form of recreation; music, art, architecture and technology are only a few media. Without responding to whatís come before, no culture can grow or evolve.

As Michael Mandiberg works through the evolution of Walker Evans and Sherrie Levine, AfterMichaelMandiberg is a statement of recreation as a new mutation of digital art and technology.

To accomplish what? Perhaps to open the discussion of what art is in the digital age. Should digital expressionism also be an open source platform? Or perhaps simply to acknowledge how this technology presents a new set of options for the next stains on the cave walls. Badur Ramji

AfterMichaelMandiberg is currently on display at http://www.scream.ca

About Badur Ramji Badur a graduate of the Ryerson School of Fashion and now Senior Partner and Creative Director of a prominent e-marketing company is just an artist with some thoughts.